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  1. It was $1399.00. The reduction was only $100.00 off their regular price. Not a great deal, but I think the gun is well worth the price. The main thing is, my wife really likes this gun.
  2. Thanks everyone. The Shotgun World site did the trick. We now have a stock on the way! The only downside is now I'm spending even more time on the computer exploring all the links on that site. A side note. I ended up trading a couple of guns on a used Beretta Urika 391, 12 gauge, at a local gunshop, for myself after reading all the positive comments on the Beretta site.
  3. I had my wife shoot a S&W 20 gauge semi-auto and a Ruger Red label over-under 28 guage my brother owns. Lynn was fine with the recoil of both and was breaking about 2/3s of everything we through up with both guns. Not too bad for not shooting a shootgun in twenty years. She liked the simplicity and handling of the over-under. We went shopping and we found a Browning Citori Lightning Field 28 gauge on clearance at Gander Mountain yesterday. She has now purchased her first gun! I am slightly jealous. It is a beauty. The bad news is we need to shorten for the stock to fit her. Lynn's wrist to trigger finger measurement is only 11 & 1/2"s. I plan to have a Limbsaver recoil pad put on when we cut down the stock. It will be a lot of cutting. But, I don't like the idea of cutting up the new stock. According to the shop's gunsmith the forearm and butt stock are matched by making them from the same piece of wood. The gunsmith's Brownell's catalog had one replacement listed, but it was about $400. Any suggestions for other, more reasonable sources? Or, should we just go ahead and hack away?
  4. Thanks guys, I appreciate the sound advice. Tucker, you are absolutly right, I should have given a little background about my wife. I almost did, but didn't want the post to get too long. But, since you asked.... My wife is 5"4', solidly built, turns 50 this March, and is a naturally gifted shot. She played a lot of sports in High School and some in college. She is a naturally good shot, breaks more blue rock than I can, and when she did go out smallgame hunting (it's been about 20 years since she has been out in the field) she was able to nail woodcocks with a 410! She has had some health issues during the last 5 years, mostly dealing with her thyroid. She tires quickly and does not have the physical stregnth she once did. Hopefully, she will recover a lot of that as she is stabilized with her medicine. We have a new beagle, Daisy, who will turn 10 months old on December 1. She is from a good line of hunting dogs and we both want to take her out for rabbits. We both enjoy running beagles and belonged to the Lycoming County Beagle Club for many years. Our older beagle, Corkey is 11 years old, a great companian with a good nose, but gun shy. We have decent grouse and rabbit hunting in the area, almost no pheasants, and occassionally run into woodcock. So, to recap, Lynn wants a light gun, with little kick. She does have good shooting genes. Her family tree includes Doc Bogardus, a well-known sharpshooter of his time, who popularized the use of glass balls as targets in the 1870s.
  5. I need advice. I'm looking for a light-weight, low-recoil, 20 gauge shotgun for my wife. We've looked at a number of guns, mostly semi-autos, including Remingtons, Brownings and Benellis. She likes the Benellis, especially the Legacy, for their lightness. Would she be better off with a model with a syntheic stock to reduce kick, or would a shock absorbing butt pad on the Legacy be enough to make the recoil less of a factor? I have a Super Black Eagle, which I use primarily for turkey hunting and like it alot. But, with 3 1/2 turkey loads it does pack a punch.
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