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  1. Yes, they were purchased at the same time, as a matter of fact some were from the same box.
  2. I have a super nova with a scope and pistol grip, so it is fairly deep from top to bottom, I believe 12". Does anyone know of a good soft side gun case that would fit this? I don't want a hard case. Thanks, Frank
  3. Yes, the Hornady SST's are sabbot's. They shot great last year when I tried them, and then this year with slugs from the same batch they were terrible, while the rifled slugs shot great.
  4. Is it OK to shoot rifled slugs through a rifled barrel? I have heard and read numerous answers. The best pattern I have yet is from cheap Winchester rifled slugs through my Hastings rifled slug barrel on my Super Nova. The Hornady SST were all over the place. Can this actually damage the barrel or is that just hear-say? Thanks, Frank
  5. fire58

    Shotgun scopes

    What is a good and reasonably priced scope for slug hunting? I have a super nova with a cantilever barrel. Thanks, Frank [email protected]
  6. I have a Super Nova with a cantilever slug barrel. My question is: What is a reasonably priced and good shotgun scope? Thanks, Frank [email protected]
  7. I have been, and am still in search of a Nova/Super Nova slug barrel with cantilever scope mount. If anyone knows of one for sale, PLEASE let me know! I purchased an after market barrel supposedly by Ithica and it does not fit! Thanks, Frank [email protected]
  8. I am looking for scope suggestions for a Super Nova, mainly for deer, possibly turkey. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks, Frank
  9. Chad, Thanks for the info. I will call the numbers you gave me as as soon as I can, hope fully the guys who jumped in on my search won't beat me to the only barrel! Thanks again, Frank
  10. No one in my area has the barrels in stock. Cabelas is out nation wide, and Gander Mountain said they would order one for around $400 (way to high). I actually am looking for one with the cantilever barrel. Thanks for the reply.
  11. I have been having trouble finding a slug barrel for my super nova. I have located some after market barrels, but I am not crazy about that idea. Honestly i don't knbow if there is a difference, could anybody give me some advice? I would appreciate any help, including a place to find barrels that you may know of. Thanks, Frank [email protected]
  12. Hi, I am looking for a Nova slug barrel, I would prefer camo but not necessary. new or used depending on condition and cost. Thanks for your help. Frank [email protected]
  13. Im looking for a Super Nova Slug barrel in HD Timber camo, with a cantilever for a scope. Thanks
  14. fire58

    Super Nova Help

    I have just recieved a Super Nova for a gift from my wife. I have started looking for a slug barrel with the cantilever sight mount and in Timber HD camo. I have found that it is not easy to come by and is also not cheap. The biggest reason I wanted this gun was to use for deer, so I need to find one. Can anyone point me in the right direction for the best place and deal on one of these? Also, I will need to find a good soft case which will allow a sight and the Comfort Grip. Thanks, Frank in Wisconsin.
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