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  1. Thanks for your help I will call them on Monday, but for the record, I have sent them notes, and they went cold when the camo issue came up via email, see below. I sent them this note prior to me using the gun for the second duck season, now I have 2 season on the gun. After sending this note, I went out and took some digital pictures of the camo issue, and I noticed how dry the camo has become, you can flake it using your thumb nail.... 10/11/06 Dear Customer Service - Please see my note below, I am very concerned regarding my camo fading off the gun. Thoughts. Thanks -----O
  2. I purchased the Max-4 Camo gun based upon many happy years of hunting with my all Black SBE Left handed. I still own the gun, and use it as a backup gun or a visitor gun on my ranch. I justified the purchase of the SBEII Max-4 becasue it solves the camo issue when turkey hunting, plus all the new features added to the SBEII that my old SBE missed. Just in shock over the camo wearing out so fast....on rub areas. I believe most of the rubbing is NOT from the field but from riding around in my Benelli soft case. How would the camo wear off on the top of the receiver?
  3. Thanks for the feedback, great advice. I would hate to have the gun re-camoed after this season...I droppped a note to Benelli via the site, and explanied my camo issue and butt stock issue (Falling off/out) in the field. I understand normal wear and tear on the campo, please the wear seems so advanced for a gun that has 2 seasons of hunting. The retailer is absolutly no help, they claim to have spoken with the local Northern CA Benelli rep, and the both agree that it's noraml wear....Whatever....
  4. I purchased the SBEII Left handed Max-4 Camo shotgun 2 years ago, this is my second Benelli and overall like the product. I duck hunt and Turkey hunt with the gun. I also carry the gun in the Benelli soft case when traveling. the Camo on the top of the receiver, and pretty much disappeared, and other parts of the gun have lots of "chips" where the camo has completely popped off showing the black metal. The Camo has also darkened a lot, compared to a brand new SBEII. The local gun dealer told me that I have USED the gun a lot, and the wearing of camo is from excessive use, and nobody else
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