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  1. I recently bought a supernova with the 26" barrel. I had someone tell me that I may not be able to shoot slugs through it. Is this true, or is it alright to shoot riffled slugs. Also, if it is ok, what choke should be in place? Thanks for the help!!
  2. I will start off by letting everyone up front know that I am a noob. I just picket up my first shotgun this weekend, a Suppernova synthetic with 26" barrel. One of the reasons I picked this gun over others was that it was designed with modularity in mind. I will be using it for a viriety of hunting (small game, geese, ducks, deer) as well as home defence and shooting clays. With that being said, were are some good places online to get parts such as barrels, stocks, and accessories? I know I want to get the 18.5" barrel for when it is at home, and the riffled barrel for deer, but I can't seem to find them anywere. Are the nova and supernova barrels the same? and what sights would you recommend for the 26" barrel that will be used most of the time for small game and waterfoul? And what sights would be best for the 18.5 being used for home defence? I know there are allot of questions, but I really appreciate the help.
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