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  1. Kerry from Kimber made good on his word. Today I received a package from Kimber with a tritium front post that is the same size as the original sight at no charge. That my friends is customer service. Benelli could learn a few things from Kimber in the CS department.
  2. Well Mudhen I beg to differ. The package of Meprolight sights has Benelli's name plastered all over the packaging. They are offering these sights as direct replacements for the factory sight. The sights are manufactured by Kimber for Benelli as a factory option. I would think they should have some concern with how their optional parts are performing. The biggest issue I had with Benelli CS was how the calls were handled. No mention of any option of how to correct the issue. A $1500 should not be expected to impact 6# low at 50 yards. On a positive note I have a call into Kimber and spoke with a rep who was more than willing to listen to my issue and provide some background on different sights that were manufactured. He took my info and said he would look around the shop to see if he had a sight post that would fit my needs. Much better CS in my opinion._M4.
  3. Just got off the phone with Benelli Customer Service again. Want to hear some ********!!! I get another lady who does not care about my problem but she puts me on hold twice to talk to a guy in the shop. First time I am told to expect 4-6" groups at 50 yards. I tell her the group isn't the issue it is the rounds striking low 6". Put on hold again and she then comes back with that is in spec. You have got to be kidding me. A $1400 shotgun with $90 sights is only expected to be able to shoot 6" low at 50 yards. Benelli can kiss my A$$.
  4. I finally got around to getting some range time with the M4 since the upgrade to the Meprolight tritium sight set. My windage adjustment was perfect from the old sights zero however the eleveation was 15" low at 50 yards with slugs. I put as much up elevation that the rear sight would allow but It still puts me 6" low at 50. I measured the two front posts and the Meprolight is much taller. Factory post measures .245" from the base to the top of post. The Mep sight measures .390" I called Benelli and the lady did not know of any issues and could only say send the gun in for inspection. I called Kimber(Meprolight) and spoke to a guy who said I need to talk to their Meprolight rep on Monday. Does anybody know if they make different size front posts? I looked around the web and could not come up with anything. My sight package # is ML-34302. Thanks_M4.
  5. Nothing special just the blue LocTite brand. Using the blue will still allow you to disassemble the sight if needed. Don't use the red LocTite- It will take alot to get that loose again! Good Luck_M4.
  6. As this post received alot of views here is some info. I received the sights today and installed them. The front sight post is no problem. I took the time to record my old sight settings and installed the new post as mentioned above. The rear ghost ring is removed by backing out the windage screw. I counted 96 clicks to back the screw out from my old zero setting. You remove the old ghost ring with the spring. Install spring in new ghost ring and insert back into sight base. I ran the screw in 96 clicks and and gave it two extra clicks to return to my recorded zero. Right now the windchill is -15F here so testing is going to wait a little bit. The tritium front post is real nice. I played with it a little in the basement and your eye is very quick to pick up the post. It is not overly bright but just about right to give you a quick aim point in low light. I highly reccomend a set for anybody using the irons on their M4.
  7. Picked up a set of Meps for my M4. The front sight seems straight forward- 5.5mm and some loctite. What about the rear ghost ring? It looks like I have to back out the windage screw all the way to remove the old ghost ring. Is that correct? Thanks in advance_M4.
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