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  1. I think i had it wrong. I tried this morning to load it up with S&B 9 pellet 00 buck. I fit 6 of these in there. I had some Remington number 2 steel shot that i have sitting around. I can fit 7 of these in the tube. So i guess this was all my error. Does anyone know any good 00 buck that is short enough to fit 7 rounds in these?
  2. I posted this on a different forum but i think i might get a better answer here. I have a M1S90 with a factory +3 mag extension on it. The entire assembled mag tube is right at 18" long. How many rounds should i be able to fit in it? i Keep seeing sights that list it as 7 rounds in the magazine tube. I can only fit 6 light (short) trap loads or 5 S+B 00 buck. I have had it apart and there is no plug in it. It was bought used so the only thing i could guess is maybe it has a odd mag spring in it? Could it be a long spring that takes up a bunch of extra room? How much longer than the magazine tube should a shotgun mag spring be? I know years ago i bought some wolf shotgun mag spring for a Mossy 500. It was a trim to fit spring and i just cut it to the length i needed. What should the length be for a 18" mag tube? Really i would rather use the proper Benelli spring in it. The one that is in it now has both ends bent "flat". It looks like a factory spring that has not been cut. Any suggestions?
  3. I have a M1S90 that I purchased used. It was a police gun with a little cosmetic wear but nice and clean inside. I cleaned I well and lightly oiled it. I have shot around 75 rounds thought it and really like it. It runs great with everything except Winchester Ranger LE 00 buck. I know this is a light recoil load but it really seams like it should work. The gun just wont reliably eject the empty cases. It is strange to me that a “tactical” shotgun wont run on LE buckshot. Is there any chance that I need a lighter recoil spring? Is it possible that the department before me that owned it put a heavier spring in? does anyone have any suggestions of what I should try?
  4. http://www.ar15.com/forums/topic.html?b=3&f=4&t=292695 see if this works
  5. There is a post on AR15.com by some one that details how to do it. He does a great job! He uses some kind of Styrofoam cutter from a hobby store that cost a few dollars. It uses a hot wire that is stationary and you move the foam like using a band saw. I will try to find a link, but his way works much better than any other way I have seen.
  6. I have a mod choke on the way for my M1 super 90. Can I shoot slugs and 00 buck through a mod choke or will it cause a problem?
  7. very nice! the wood on it looks great, is that the normal benelli wood?
  8. I used the search funtion and found a pic of the recoil spring/tube taken apart. thanks anyway
  9. It is helpful, thanks. So it does the portion that has the treads on it come out of the tube and the tube stays in the receiver? Or does the tube come out from the receiver?
  10. So I just picked up my first Benelli and I think I am in love. It is a used police trade-in M1super 90 tactical. It has the full length magazine, ghost ring sights and pistol grip. I swapped the stock for a Speedfeed to shorted the length of pull and also swapped to a US made magazine plug. This should make it 922 compliant if any one cares. It has a good bit of small scuffs and scratches. The finish on the top ears of the sights is worn. So it does look used, but the insides look really nice, hardly used. Best part is I got it for $599. Sounded good to me but I am no expert. So I have a bunch of questions so here goes. 1) I pulled all apart and cleaned it. I put it together dry. Where do I need to lube it, with what and how much. 2) is there any internal parts I should look at to see if it was shot a lot or that need to be inspected? 3) How can I remove the tube that holds the recoil spring in the stock to clean inside of it( I hear it can get dirty)? 4) I have heard the old style sights are fragile, do I have the old or new? 5) I looked down the barrel from the receiver end and it looks to have “something rough” in it near the chamber. Is this just residue and powder that I need to clean? What should I clean it with? Any chance that it is the chrome bore pealing up from lots of use or would that take 100,000 rounds? 6)I think I really like the speedfeed stock. But it doesn’t seem to fit the receiver well. Is this common? What is the common opinion of the speedfeed stock? 7) is there date codes in the serial number like with my Sigs and HK? 8) feel free to scold me and tell me to use the search!!! PS anyone know who used the M1? the stock said "BPD" on it. Boston?
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