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  1. Thanks yall. I checked the pump, the button on the bottom of it isn't pushed in. I cleaned and oiled the trigger group about 3 weeks ago. I'll do it again more thoroughly and see if the lifter/carrier will cooperate then. Thanks again!
  2. No, sorry - I forgot to put that in my post above. The carrier/lifter stays raised after loading rounds into the magazine. Benelli says it is supposed to move back to the lowered position when the gun is fired or pumped, but my lifter/carrier doesn't always lower like its supposed to, which should be why the shell in the magazine gets dropped out of the bottom of the receiver when I try to reload. I guess I can just try to always remember to manually lower the carrier/lifter myself whenever I load the gun, but I didn't know if there's a common reason for why the carrier/lifter would be st
  3. Curious if this is something anyone else has experienced. Starting 2 years ago, sometimes after firing a shell in my Supernova, when I pump it to reload it will expel the empty shell but instead of loading a new shell from the magazine into the chamber, it will just drop the new shell out of the bottom of the receiver. It cost me a turkey this morning that I didn't hit cleanly enough on the first shot! Does anyone know if there is something I can do to keep that from happening? Sometimes it reloads fine, sometimes it drops the shell. Thank you in advance!
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