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  1. thats how mine did with the factory choke
  2. I just finally got to pattern my new m-2000 turkey and I shot three different shells and tried two different chokes. The factory choke did not do near as well as the undertaker did, the undertaker with remington #5 nitro turkey put 36 hits on the turkeys head and neck at 40 yards. All of the others were not even close to that. I am super pumped and ready for opening day.
  3. after being on hold with customer service for 45min, I was told that they don't know if it would be all right to shoot hevi-shot through their tubes. But that I probably should not try it.
  4. The last two years I hunted with my father-in-laws stoeger 2000, and I used the undertaker choke with 3" federal #4 and got three turkeys each year, this year I bought a stoeger 2000 turkey and now I am trying different chokes and shells to find the right one. good luck!
  5. I just bought a stoeger 2000 turkey, and there was no owners manual in the box. My question is can you shoot hevi-shot out of the factory turkey choke. Thanks in advance for the help.
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