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    I have posted again 2 times and for some reason it won't take it. I wanted to thank ya'll for helping me. Hogwild I'm sure you are right in the fact that the Italian gun will take some getting use to. This is the first shotgun I have had other than a Remington 870 in over 30 years. The ammo I bought I must admit was some cheap 3" Winchester waterfowl loads. Would the Kent 3 1/2" be good to break the gun in with since it's what I hunt with? Like I said before the Winchester cycled good but had that little hesitation between the second and third rounds. I don't think ammo was the problem with my friends gun because it wouldn't cycle any thing. You were right Hogwild in the manual states to shoot 3 or 4 boxes of high velocity ammo if you are having problems cycling shells. I actually talked to a CS at Benelli and she told me the break in was 200 rounds. Anyway I'm going to clean it and shoot 50 rounds of good ammo through it and see what happens. Thanks again for your help. Jim
  2. laidback


    I am new here. I bought a SBE 2 Wednesday and shot it for the first time today. First I had no cycling problems at all. It never jammed and shoots great. I shot about 50 rounds of 3" stuff through it and the only problem I encountered was a very slight delay between the second and third round. It happened quite often but every now and then it would shoot as fast as I could pull the trigger. Do you think this is a break in problem or could it be operator error. I tried to always hold the gun tight. The manual says break in is about 100 rounds. It even cycled the 1 1/8 oz dove loads when I tried them. My buddy had a brand new Mossberg auto that he brought and it wouldn't even cycle the 3" stuff. I was very proud of my Benelli. Thanks Jim
  3. I have used "The 10 Minute Retriever". It's easy to follow and more up to date. I also have the DVD "Water Dog" I trained my black male until he was seven months old. He got his HRC title SHR at that time and now he is at a trainer being force trained. I'll get him back in a month and finish the training myself. Cost of my trainer is $450 a month but he is the best in my opinion.
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