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  1. I got the oil, wrench and tubes but no maual or parts list. All my other guns my cheek hits the stock when I pull them up. This gun I have to hold my head up a little. I think I need to order the low raise cheek pad to replace the flat pad that is on the gun. when the Mossberg 3 1/2" first came out, I bought one and it came with 3 differant cheeck pads. I was wondering if this was something else I might have not received with my gun. Hopefully after I get my manual the info on how to change the cheek pad will be in there. I downloaded the manual but it jumps up and down when I try scrolling to read it.
  2. The length seems good. I guess I'll have to stack it up next to one of my guns that fits me better and go from there. Thanks again
  3. Because my fingers are arthritic? I don't really look at the sight while I'm shooting. A differant sight won't do much for proper gun fit. If you pull a gun up and your head is bobbling around you'll never shoot consistantly. It should be one easy, mindless consistant motion. I need to get the stock up to my cheeck, not my cheeck to the stock. I need to make it fit like my 870's I got chokes. Since I'm missing the manual I'm curious about what else may be missing from the case. What all was supposed to be in there?
  4. Thank you Tucker. I will ask around and try to find somebody within driving distance that knows how to adjust the stock on a Benelli SBE II
  5. I really appreciate all the help and advice. Can you point me in the direction of somebody to better fit this gun to me? Years ago I used a guy that made custom wood stocks. He could make a gun fit you in a matter of hours.
  6. I did download the manual but I have trouble reading it on my computer. It jiggles up down a lot. Any advice on getting a manual? Are the manuals supposed to come with the gun? I tried to call the dealer but they were closed. I start work at 6 and don't get in the house til 5 or later. Can you download just the english part of the manual? Thanks
  7. I would like the whole unadulterated story please. Thanks
  8. I need some adjustment on the stock on my SBE II. I can't cheeck the gun up as I'm used to. If I don't pay attention my eye gets to low and I can't see the bead. Thanks
  9. How do you email customer service? I'm not available to call during buisness hours. I did not receive a manual or warranty registration card with my SBE II. It says in the note to email customer service but I can't find a link to their email on site. Thanks THE FORUMS ARE NOT A CONDUIT TO CUSTOMER SERVICE. ALL CUSTOMER SERVICE QUESTIONS AND CONCERNS SHOULD BE DIRECTED TO CUSTOMER SERVICE VIA PHONE OR EMAIL (301-283-6981). DO NOT POST CUSTOMER SERVICE QUESTIONS IN THE FORUMS.
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