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  1. You answered your own question. In your dreams, or on the pipe.
  2. Personally, I woulda reported him. If he wanted more than what it was selling for, he should have set a reserve price when he started the auction for the least amount of $$$ he was willing to accept for it.
  3. Why did the seller end the auction?
  4. They had one of those "real" M4 your looking for at my local gun shop about a year ago. $1350.00 I believe was the price. I was tempted, but: a) I had an M4 already b) The stock didn't collapse c) Another in-store customer was eager for an M4 Be patient. As others have pointed out, there's really nothing special about the shotgun, and you could probably find it at a similar price if you look hard enough locally.
  5. I dunno. From what I saw, hate was being equally spewed from both sides. All of it was sickening. What about just ignoring the thread. Plenty of times I've seen anti-muslim threads/talk, and I just ignore it hoping others would do the same, and the thread will slowly fade. Now I am no Muslim, but I don't believe in trashing someone elses religion/beliefs because of a few wrong-doers/thinkers. When will people learn...There are good & bad in all races, religions, people.
  6. Yeah, I have both. One has grey lettering, and the other has white. Also, the nylon pattern is slightly different between the two.
  7. The Supernova has it's own collapsible, and I don't believe the two parts are interchangeable. The look totally different as well.
  8. That's not true. The same rules apply.
  9. Technically, your supposed to get your $200 tax stamp first before you attach the barrel to the receiver. When you buy a complete gun with a short barrel, it's already a complete gun, so you need the paperwork before you can have it. The barrel by itself doesn't make it a SBS.
  10. HK USP Compact 9mm + Mitch Rosen 5JR in black cowhide.
  11. Impact has everything out of stock, usually for years.
  12. So did he ever contact you? It's still available.
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