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  1. Thanks tucker, I found the same thing. The 18.5" handles 3 3.5 inch rounds and 4 3" rounds. I just need to know if the 1 shot extension will allow for an additional 3.5" round. Many thanks.
  2. QUESTION..... Does anyone know if a factory 1 shot mag extension (Part #145C) will allow for four 3 1/2 inch shells in the magazine????? many thanks.
  3. I am an LEO looking to purchase original Benelli 2 Round Magazine Extension for Nova/Super Nova. Thanks.
  4. I feel like a moron asking this question but here it goes. Just picked up a Super Nova Tactical with pistol grip. I see where the top of the receiver is tapped for scope mounts but how do I remove the tiny black plastic inserts in the 4 mounting holes??? Many thanks, Constable
  5. Hi All; Does anyone know the Ballistic Coefficient of the new Winchester Super Elite XP3 in 300 Win Mag 180gr?. Can't get the info from Winchester. Thanks for your help.
  6. many thanks Tucker for the quick reply
  7. I hope this not too dumb. Does a Burris Weaver style ring fit the factory rail that comes with the R1. I have a Burris 3-12x50 tactical scope with a 30mm tube and want to use the Burris Signature Z rings. Thanks in advance for the feedback.
  8. many thanks, briley it will be.
  9. Thanks for the great news,. Any idea how soon?
  10. Has anyone had a muzzle break installed on an R1? Would like to put one on my 300 Win Mag but want to use a Smith that has experience with the gun. Any recommendations will be much appreciated. Thanks, Constable
  11. Anyone know if Benelly makes a 10 round magazine for the R1 in 300 win mag?. If yes, where does one find it? Many thanks, Constable
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