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  1. Hello Everyone I have a never fired Benelli M4 Entry for sale Here in Tucson, Arizona for $2500.00. The gun has never been fired and has the collapsable stock from factory. If you are interested please contact me. Thank you, Michael McCormack [email protected]
  2. If it was for the tube.... it just got sold. . . the stock is still available.
  3. WOW. . . I priced these parts to sell! no one wants to buy one?
  4. I have NIB SOCCOMguy tube. . . I am selling them at less than cost. Please PM me if interested... Tube: SOLD!!!!
  5. I am in need to sell my m4 / (1) extension tube, (1) Collapsible buttstock, (2) meprolight sights. . . Please if anyone is interested let me know. . . I cant wait anylonger for the gun and want to get rid of this stuff. . . I will charge the price I got the goods for.
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