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  1. Thanks, It has a XRail tube, so short version. Just didn't know if it was a package put together by benelli or a distributor. Barrel has large gold bead and v type express sight dovetailed into the barrel rib. Came out of a club members estate, could have grabbed it from a prize table, he defiantly ran in a some matches.
  2. I found a benelli m1 super 90 shotgun with a 21" barrel vent rib choked barrel a matte black stock with a blue web pattern. It comes with the field and pistol grip stocks and extended tube. Does anyone have information on this model? Possible a 3 gun package from the factory.
  3. Great info to know. I couldn't hurt if there were instructions in the owners manual for all of the stocks either.
  4. I am trying to take the factory pg stock off of my M4. I have removed the pad and nut, but cannot figure out how to get the stock retaining piece (part# 278J) out of the stock. There was an excessive amount of locktite on the nut, maybe its also holding the retainer on. Has anyone encounterd the same problem with thier M4 and how did you fix it? Thanks
  5. I belive all M3's have fixed chokes, not interchangeable. I have also found that it is a Cyl in the '07 catalog, I think the IC on the website is a typo. I will call and ask.
  6. I am looking at buying a M3 to go with the M1 and M4. But I have noticed that in my '03, '04, and '06 catalogs the choke is listed as Cyl, but it is not listed in the 07 catalog I downloaded. On the Benelli website is says IC. Can any of the members confirm the newer ones are IC? Is there a way to tell which choke a barrel has? Are there any markings or symbols that tell if it is a Cyl or IC choke? Anyone have a newer M3 or an older model that they could look at? Thanks
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