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    I love to deer hunt at my cabin in Robertson County, Kentucky. I also enjoy trap and sporting clays.
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    Cincinnati, Ohio
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    Hunting, archery, fishing, shooting, sporting clays.
  1. In your guy's opinion, what is the best sporting clays gun out there right now for the money?
  2. A thorough cleaning like johnnywitt suggested should do the job. However, if after you've cleaned it you are still having trouble I would suggest taking the action apart and putting it back together after cleaning each individual piece. Something could have gummed up the action in an area that is otherwise undetectable.
  3. Dooderman, Thanks for the advice. You helped me make my decision. The cordoba sounds like the kind of all around gun i'm looking for.
  4. Is the super sport a gun you would consider taking on the hunt with you? Or do you think it is made just for clays? The reason i'm asking is i'm just wondering about the gun's durability.
  5. I really enjoy sporting clays and am looking for a new gun. After doing my research i am torn between the cordoba and the supersport. As far as performance, they look like the same gun. I'm just wondering if the supersport has the same king of durability that a cordoba does. If anyone has either gun your advice would be much appreciated.
  6. I am going into sporting clays seriously, and I am curious if the supersport can take the same kind of punishment a cordoba can. I want the gun to be able to perform extremely well on a sporting clays course, but I also want to have the option of taking my gun into the field for some bird hunting. Does the supersport have that kind of durability? Does anyone have either gun? If so please give me some advice, it would be much appreciated.
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