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    i am 13. i love the outdoors and all of God's creaters. I am true to my catholic faith.
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    archery, paintballing, outdoor photography, flying r/c planes, shooting any weapons, hunting, &
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  1. i have the m2000 and i love it! i have only shot about 250 rounds through it but i havent had one problem at all. i have shot light loads and next week i will be shooting heavy loads. i love the gun. it cycles fast and smooth and i think it will be great for this duck season. i have only had it for about 5 or 6 weeks so i may see a few problems in the future but so far NONE! thats just my .02. you should pick the gun you really want that you think will work best, if you really want the benelli SBE II then i would just wait and save up for it if i were you. anyway i really love my m
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