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  1. Thanks , however us short guys that have older guns and have to use the shortest pad are in deep trouble now if we purchase a new gun .. Do you have a serial number break ?
  2. I have a friend that just purchased a new sbe2 , he was comparing his gun to an older one and found a difference in the stocks.. The overall length was the same , however the new gun had a shorter recoil pad and longer stock than the older one . The older gun had a longer recoil pad and shorter stock . Remember both are the same length over all .. Why was this change made and when ?? Thanks
  3. Surely someone knows if they will interchange ........
  4. Will these stocks interchange , Will the montefeltro stock fit the super black eagle....??? Thanks
  5. looking for a wood or syn stock for the older SBE H and K gun . Thanks ...illinoisduck
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