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  1. It could be operator error; sometimes the gun will load properly if I'm quick enough at it and have the slide in just the right aft position. I'll bring it by a local shop and see what they say. The gun has only been fired half a dozen times and has been sitting quite a while, so as you say it might just need a good cleaning and basic tune-up.
  2. Evening all I picked up my Benelli Nova pump-action from a friend for dirt cheap and I can't wait to shoot it at the range!! But, there is a question I have since I'm a total newbie to shotguns (never even fired one yet). On the barrel, it says the gun will accept 2-3/4, 3 and 3-1/2 inch shells. At the same time, before those numbers it says the gun is a 12 Ga. 3-1/2" gun. I bought a box of 2-3/4" shells and the gun doesn't seem to like them at all. Every time I pump the action to eject and reload it jams because one round comes out of the magazine and the one behind it comes part way out and jams the action. Sometimes if I'm really fast on the action it will load properly, so I don't think there's anything wrong with the gun, it just seems that the 2-3/4" rounds are too short so two rounds try to come out. Does the gun prefer 3-1/2" rounds despite the fact that it's rated for all three sizes? Is there some adjustment I need to make on the gun depending on what size shell I am using? I read the online owner's manual for the gun, it doesn't say anything about it which is why I thought I'd ask here. Thanks guys
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