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  1. if i end up spendin 1700$ on this rifle... its your fault!! haha... Awesome pics!
  2. methinks that's a browning BAR....
  3. in case the gas operating system on both the R1 and the M4 are the same, why is it that the R1 fouls so bad... I havent heard anything bad about the M4 gas system...
  4. check out the remington R-15. It comes witha 5 round mag and is a semi auto. Its a new rifle for 08.
  5. Thanks TMAC, will keep that in mind...
  6. Not the most eager to help on this forum eh!... well nevermind... I'll wait... another question I'll add on while I am waiting... I was wondering if I could use a Benelli SuperNova as cheap alternative to get into trap and see how things work out? any comments on its use as a trap gun besides an all purpose gun?
  7. Hi guys, I am new to trap shooting and have no idea what gun to start off with, any and all suggestiong welcome... i dont have a huge budget esp since i have never been trap shooting before. what would you reccomend?
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