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    I work in a government office (Quebec gvt Office). I used to be a French teacher in a high school.
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    I like hunting, shooting clays and running
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  1. Apparently, out of the Remington Buckhammers, the Remington Sluggers, the Winchester Super X 3/4 oz (X123RS15), the Federal Truball and the Challenger slugs, the best are the Federal Truball, the Remington Slugger and the Challenger in terms of accuracy with a smoothbore barrel. I will try these different slugs myself in September as I want to hunt with my SBE (smoothbore) and a Burris SpeedDot 135. It's funny that a gun dealer I know reckon the best slug for a smoothbore is the Buckhammer. I doubt it, but I will have to try it.
  2. No actually, I would say the Wolf slugs look more like the Remington Slugger.
  3. Just had a look on the Internet for the Wolf Slugs. The projectile itself just look like the Remington Buckhammer which is suppose to be really good with the SBE II. So as you reckon that type is good, I expect the Buckhammer to do the job then. Hopefully. We will see on holiday.
  4. Thanks a lot ! I thought the Win super x slugs were better in riffle barrels though... What do you recon ?
  5. Could someone tell the sort of slug they use with their SBE II with a smoothbore barrel ? I will have to test mine soon with slugs for the deer season and I will probably try the Remington Slugger and the Buckhammer. Apparently, the Federal Truball work well with the SBE II. I've never tried... Thanks for your help ! Martin
  6. Apparently, the SBE are now drilled and tapped in the US. That's great because then it is really easy to install the Burris SpeedDot 135. But if not (it was the case for my SBE II - It was not drilled and tapped), you really need to ask to a gunsmith to do the job. It sits perfectly on my SBE II and it's easy to ajust (you just need a screwdriver). I had mine done a few weeks ago. I am really pleased with it. I am looking forward to try it with slugs during my holiday in Quebec in September. Remember there is no magnification with the SpeedDot as it's used on short distance (60 to 70 metres) for big game shooting. You've got the choice of two reticules, a bigger one to aim really quickly, and a smaller one for the longer distance shooting with precision. If you try to shoot a deer at 400 metres with your SpeedDot, the dot will probably look bigger than the animal itself. So you have to be sensible and not to try shooting big games at more then let say 100-150 metres if you're a good shot.
  7. You definitely need to have your gun drilled by a gunsmith. I had mine done a few weeks ago. The Burris SpeedDot 135 is the perfect red dot for the SBE II, but you need the help of a pro to have it installed on your gun. Remember that there is no magnification at all with the Burris SpeedDot as it is a scope you use at about 60 to 70 metres for big game shooting. You've got the choice of two different size dots. The bigger one for really quick aiming and the smaller dot for longer distance shooting. It's an easy job for your gunsmith but I would not try to drill holes in my gun myself to be honest so it's not that easy to fix. It does come with the rings and with the plate to mount it. The screws were not the right ones though (that's what my gunsmith told me) so he had to use longer screws. I tell you, you should be really carefull before you start to do the job yourself. You dont want to dammage a gun of that quality. Leave it to a pro.
  8. jamestoney

    SBE problem

    I had that problem myself with my SBE II. In fact, it's not a problem unless your gun realy needs repairs. You probably used the wrong cartridges just like I did once and then the gun don't cycle. Has I said in another thread, if you want your SBE II to cycle, you need to use 2 3/4 cartridges with high velocity, 1500 feet/second minimum for that little shell. Obviously, when you use heavy loads such as the Remington Magnum Turkey cartridges, you don't need 1500 f/s velocity because the load is heavy enough. Your SBE has the Inertia system. It uses the recoil to eject the cartridge you just fired. It needs a hard recoil to cycle. If the recoil is not hard enough, the Inertia system don't work, the second cartridge won't move in your gun and the shell you just fired is jammed in. I live in London in the UK. When I shoot 2 3/4 cartridges, I always use the Lyalvale Express World Cup 28 gms, 1500 f/s to shoot clays in a club. This is the one you need. I am sure you could find a simillar shell in the US in the Remington, Federal or Winchster. Always remember, when you want to shoot 2 3/4 cartridges, you need a minimum of 1500 f/s velocity, otherwise, it won't cycle. I am obviously talking ligh loads here. Of course if you shoot cartridges heavier than 1 1/8 oz, your gun will cycle.
  9. I have a SBE II and I had the same problem while shooting clays. I shot 2 boxes of my cartridges that day and thought I would buy a box of cartridges from the club, but that was a mistake. Because the SBE II has the Inertia system and is made to shoot 2 3/4, 3 and 3 1/2 loads, it needs cartridges cartridges with high velocity so the recoil is hard enough. Otherwise, when the recoil is to smooth, your inertia system don't work. The first cartridge might get out, but not the second one. There is 2 3/4 cartridges you can use such as the Lyalvale Express World Cup with 1500 f/s velocity. This is fast enough to make the inertia system work properly when you shoot clays. You're allowed to use it in clubs as it's still a 28 gms. And obviously, if you want to break your gun, the heavy loads such as the Remington Magnum Turkey loads in the 3 1/2 will cycle easy ! I don't think you will shoot 50 of the turkey loads in one go, otherwise, you will be in pain and feel the recoil. It does kick a lot. But with the SBE II, always remember that if you use 2 3/4 cartridges, you need at least 1500 feet/second. That's what my gun dealer told me and I never had problems since I use 2 3/4 with 1500 f/s. Martin
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