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  1. Does Benelli offer a red bar front sight for the SBE (not II)
  2. oldcrow

    Trap league

    Can I shoot trap with my SBE or should I pick up something else. Seems guys and gals have designated trap guns
  3. Well that didn't work like I hoped. I struggled to find the target hitting 3 of the first 10 clays then finished off 5, 4 & 3
  4. Thanks, I've been checking the book and searching around on YouTube and they usually refer to "drop" If I understand this correctly "raising the comb" is the same as "decreasing drop" The SBE has 4 shim option A - D; A has least amount of drop, D has the most I'll replace the B for an A and see how that works for me.
  5. While shooting trap it seems my SBE shoots low. I have to cover the clay with the end of the barrel to get a good hit. This should be adjustable with the amount of drop in the stock? Which way do I go and how much I have a B shim installed at this time
  6. To help my shooting this fall and for the fun of it I'm shooting league trap this summer. I'm using a SBE, 1 1/8 oz loads of 8 shot I have been getting in that 18 to 22 range but seem to be getting worse. Last round I shot 14 and 16. The thing I notice I have to cover the clay for a good hit which tells me my gun shoots low. See, I'm thinking. Not good. A couple buddies pointed out is I'm stopping which is probably the biggest problem. How do I teach myself to follow thru?
  7. I am shooting league trap this summer in hopes to improve hits this fall. I've been very inconsistent ranging 18-22 hits per round. One thing I noticed as of late if I place the barrel beads in a figure 8 and cover the clay with the front bead I have been doing a lot better. I'm reading this as my gun is shooting low. Would changing a shim in the stock improve this?
  8. I'm thinking a low base 1 1/8 oz load with #8 shot? I've had problems with 1 oz loads jambing
  9. Getting ready for hunting season this fall some co-workers and I have decided to shoot league trap (first time doing this) I'm shooting a Benelli SBE and would like to know what choke and shotshells you recommend? Thanks,
  10. oldcrow

    Wasting clays

    Thanks for a couple pointer to try. One thing I noticed is when I do get good hits my sight picture is different, with frustration setting in I'm not sure what I'm doing differently. It seems when I do have a good hit I have both eyes open and my head up, not looking down the barrel at all. It's hard to correct something when you don't know what you are doing wrong.
  11. oldcrow

    Wasting clays

    I have a SBE with high rib. In the past when taking aim on a skunk in the field I would hit high, barely shooting over the top. I installed a C shim to lower my point of impact and get 60/40 results when I pattern the gun. Problem is I can't hit a clay and it's starting to get frustrating and embarrassing. Goose hunting is right around the corner.
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