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  1. WTB Benelli M4 Factory Collapsible Stock 70085 send pix info via pm
  2. WTB Benelli M4 Factory Collapsible Stock 70085 SEND PIX, INFO, PRICING, VIA PM or email
  3. I have an M1Super90, who can drill and tap the receiver for a red dot mount. Would like to use M2 mounting pattern Also any reccomendations to CNC enlarge loading port ???
  4. New in wrapper Benelli M2 12g. 18" ghost ring sight barrel(chrome lined bore and chamber), with 3 New in wrapper chokes(Cryo type M2) Will fit M1 or M2 $320 shipped CONUS Used in very good condition Factory Benelli #80155P Extension tube for M1/M2 7+1+1 M1 or 7+1 M2 $150 shipped CONUS
  5. M1 and M2 barrels interchange, M1 and M2 chokes are different. M2 handguards wil fit M1, M1 handguard will fit M2 with slight mods. What length barel are you lookin for??? I have a New 18" M2 with ghost ring front sight and threaded for M2 cryo chokes-3 incl.
  6. I have a NEW Benelli 18" M2 barrel with ghost ring front sight and threaded for M2 Cryo chokes 3 Ne incl. Fits M2 and M1
  7. Bump $325 shipped Sergio sent you p/m's you never replied?????? I also have a Factory Benelli #80155P M1/M2 Extension tube Used in very good condition.(Incl. tube, spring, collar, barrel nut, front sling mount) $150 shipped Flush with 18"bbl. M1 7+1+1, M2 7+1
  8. PM and email sent, never rec'd any pix, still want to trade???????????????
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