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  1. Well called benelli usa customer service today. What a joke. Waited on hold 20 minutes for them to tell me that I had to buy the shim kit from someone else. WTF Anyone know where I can get the shim kit? Brownells only has individual shims, and I don't know how many there are or what I need??? this is very frustrating.
  2. Where can I order a recoil pad, shim kit, and choke tube wrench for an M2 on-line?
  3. What's the price on the cordoba? I have a lead on a lightly used M2 in max-4 for $800. Does that sound like a fair price?
  4. Thanks for the offer, but I am in Nebraska. I have never owned/shot a benelli. I am looking for a new waterfowl gun. I don't shoot 3 1/2" shells Why should I buy an M2?
  5. No I have not. Does it make that much of a difference? I just can't get past the looks.
  6. I am looking to sell my Beretta Pintail and replace it with a Benelli M1 or M2. My question is, do they make the M2 in Max-4 camo in a non-comfortech model? I handeled an M2 the other day, and it fit me very well, but I'm not sure I like the looks of the comfortech stock. Other then the comforteck stock, what is the difference between the M1 and M2. I need a 3" chamber, but not 3 1/2".
  7. Ran some 3" steel loads through the gun this weekend after deep cleaning it. No re-cocking issues, but I did have a double fire on the 2nd shell. If I replaced some parts, where would you start and where can I get them? Are these interchangable with the SL 121?
  8. This sounds like it may be the problem, but I am going to need a little guidence. I have no idea what this means... I don't have an original owner's manual for this gun, but ordered one from Beretta when I got it.
  9. I think sure cycle makes a tube that fits the ES100. Perhaps a montefeltro tube will fit as well. I am still working on mine. Just deep cleaned it and will try it again this week.
  10. I took the gun completly apart and didn't notice any worn spots or bad springs. Any in particular to look for? The recoil spring in the stock was dirty, but not rusty. Do you think this could be part of the problem? What part would cause the gun to not re-cock the hammer?
  11. Hi, I have a Beretta ES100 Pintail which is very similar/identical to the Benelli Montefeltro. I have had the gun for about two years and this week it began to give me problems. Here is what is happening: I can fire the gun once, go to shoot the 2nd time, and I get nothing. The gun does not fire, the hammer does not drop. This is very sparatic, sometimes I can get 2 shots off, and the third won't fire. What I think is happening is that the gun is not resetting the hammer. I haven't comfirmed this because when I tried to get this to happen on purpose, it fires fine every time.
  12. Cleaning it after every hunt might be your problem. You probably just rubbed the finish right off the gun over time. I did that to a BPS that I used for years. Any gunsmith should be able to re-blue to gun for you. Just call around and get some prices.
  13. Greetings, I am trying to find out if a montefeltro forend cap will fit on my Berreta ES100 Pintail. From what I understand, these guns are very similar, and I am trying to instal a swivel stud in my Pintail for waterfowl hunting. If the Montefeltro and Pintail have interchangeable caps, I should be able to get a Montefeltro cap with a swivel already in it. Can somebody please send me a picture of any of the following: 1)The inside of a Montefeltro forend cap (magazine cap). 2)The end of a Montefeltro magazine tube after you remove the cap. 3)A factory Montefeltro forend cap wi
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