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  1. I own one of each, I use the SBE almost exclusively for Turkeys, with the right choke and load, it will dispatch a Gobbler at unbelieveable distances,the only down side, I need to shoot a 1 1/8 oz load to function the gun every time, it might shoot a light target load and it might not. My M2 is a 20 gauge and it is my pick for Doves and upland birds, it will shoot any load I can stuff in it and the recoil is not a factor at all. If you still have trouble deciding, do what I did and buy a matched set.
  2. I use a cylinder bore for most of my dove shooting, but most of my shots are taken from less than 30 yards. I shoot a M2 field 20 gauge for upland birds, 1 oz of magnum 8's @ 1200 Fps out of a 24 inch barrel and a cylinder bore choketube makes short range dove shooting pretty routine. I was lucky enough to go 12 for 16 on Tuesday, this is pretty good for me.
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