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  1. You are so right. 12s have the big bang going for them but a nice, light 20 is definitely the way to hunt upland.
  2. I use an Ithaca 16 with a straight stock. It's light and fast handling.
  3. A pound can make a difference during a long day. But the Cordoba has some features the Ultralight doesn't, which might make up for the extra weight.
  4. Has anyone had any expeeince with the 20-gauge Cordoba? I'm thinking it might be a good carry gun for upland birds and it won't beat up my shoulder.
  5. SgtCathy, It is bleak in some areas. In CT some of the big-box stores are making it difficult to pruchase ammo and firearms. Strict rules around purchasing weapons and ammo is fine, but when you have to make an appointment with FFL guy at Wal-Mart it is a little too much. It's easier to get a sitting with the Queen of England. You have a good understanding of the Cape ruling and to me it looks like a compromise at best bewteen anti-hunters and hunters. Once the wildlife becomes a nuisance to the anti's their tune changes.
  6. SgtCathy, Have you been following the pheasant hunting ruling out on the Cape? Seems pheasant will still be hunted but eventually will be replaced with quail, a native species. Us, too, in CT have until mid October before we can chase grouse.
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