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  1. MOGC

    Swapping bolts?

    The Tactical Model isn't for clay shooting or hunting migratory waterfowl. It has a purpose and the number of rounds all up isn't an issue. In fact, the more the better...
  2. MOGC

    Swapping bolts?

    I have two Benelli M1's, one an older model that allows me to ride a shell on the carrier, the other a newer M1 that doesn't let you ghost a shell on top of the carrier. As I understand it the only difference between the two is a little lug or some such on the bottom of the bolt. One has a rounded surface, the other a sharper more abrupt angle that prevents a shell from laying on the carrier with the bolt closed over it. After thinking about this, is there any reason a guy couldn't swap bolts between the guns? Barrels swap out, trigger assemblies could be exchanged - why not the bolt? The M1 that allows ghosting of the extra round is a camo dipped turkey gun. I don't need the extra abilities there, the gun has a three shot plug anyway, no biggie. My other M1 is a Tactical Model, this one could use the ability to ride a round on the carrier to maintain capacity while in the "cruiser safe" mode.
  3. MOGC

    New guy question...

    That is my barrel. The diagram is helpful, thank you.
  4. MOGC

    New guy question...

    Is the sarcasm neccesary, or, is that an intiation for welcoming a new guy to the forum? I guess slug shooting falls under the "scattergun" umbrella? I'm not sure of your experience, however, it is helpful to have sights that allow some adjustment for slug shooting. Tightly choked shot loads do not always strike to point of aim and adjustment is a handy thing for such applications. Less so perhaps for for other game or sport shooting, thus a scattergun could well fit those needs perfectly. If you want to tell me something I'm not sure of, enlighten me as to those two tiny holes in the back of the block - are there set screws securing the standing rear blade?
  5. MOGC

    New guy question...

    Nope... My front is a "shark fin" type blade that is fixed to the barrel with no allowance for adjustment. The rear sight has a very, very, low block that also seems fixed to the barrel via soldering solidly. There is a dovetail in this block and a standup blade in this dovetail, very much like many rear sights on handguns. In fact, the sight picture is exactly like a handguns. On the back side of the solid block are two tiny little holes that probably have a couple of set screws that secure the blade sight for windage. My question is what can a guy do for elevation with such a set-up? Are there various height rear sights for the dovetail? Also, how can a person loosen those tiny set screws in that rear base?
  6. MOGC

    New guy question...

    I appreciate the reply. However, that is not the rear sight on my barrel. My rear sight resembles a standard "fixed" sight as found on many handguns. Look at page 20 and a few of the following pages for a view of the rear sight as found on my barrel. There are no windage/elevation adjustments, and, no details in the manual you kindly provided via the link.
  7. Hello gentlemen, I'm a newbie to this forum, looks like a lot of info to be found here. I did try a search, however, I couldn't seem to find the answer to the following questions. I just bought an M1S90 Tactical Model with the 18 1/2" barrel that accepts screw in chokes and has open iron sights mounted on the barrel. The front is a blade type that appears to be soldered solidly to the barrel. The rear sight has me a bit curious. The rear resembles a "fixed sight" rear handgun type arrangement. How does one go about "sighting in" this sight and moving point of aim to strike the same place as point of impact? I guess that it can be drifted for windage? There are two tiny holes in the sight, do these have locking screws to secure the blade? What about elevation changes that may be neccesary, how would this sight handle a necessary change in elevation? Any information will help. Thanks in advance!
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