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  1. yea the p350 is now definetly an option and thanks for the suggestion and youre right for the camo version i want it is alot cheaper again i thank you for the help.
  2. well in the nova i have heard the forearm is loose and that sometimes you have to push it forward before you can cycle that shell.
  3. i live in the south east and we deer hunt with dogs (it is legal here) and i am looking at a new 3 1/2 inch pump shotgun and it sounds like benelli's are good or so i was told but it sounds like the nova has some glitches but i am smaller statured and the nova sounds like a better deal but again it sounds like it has glitches so what should i do?
  4. i am in kind of the same situation but i am getting by with just a pair of lacrosse 5mm chest waders and they are working out great
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