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  1. I have a M3 that is just collecting dust and would to use it for shooting clay pigeons. Who sells 26"-28" barrels? and a Butt stock. Does a barrel from a Benelli M1014 fit? Does any other barrel fit? Is it worth converting? Regards, David
  2. I have a M3 Super 90. Will a barrel from a M1 Super 90 fit a M3? Benelli says its a different part number. My dealer thinks the M1 and M3 are basically the same and the benelli barrel (28") for an M1 he has should work. Does anyone have a definitive answer??? Can anyone give me a link for a parts list for a M3 and M1? Thanks. David [email protected]
  3. I just purchased a Benelli M3 used but fired less than 25 rounds, if that. I can not seem to find parts or information as to whether the M1 parts are compatable. I looking for the following: 1. 26-28" barrel (I want to try sporting clays) 2. stock w/o grip 3. magazine extension Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please e-mail me at [email protected] Regards.
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