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  1. There is room in my heart for all firearms both big and small!
  2. Bobro mounts work perfectly, but I don't think they have released the H1 mount yet. You may want to check.
  3. The light mount is a KZ 3-rail shotgun mount and the sling I use is a blueforce gear padded sling through the stock sling loops - with the front loop rotated towards the left. I'm not sure the fixed stock has a sling loop though...
  4. Once, long ago, I logged on to the benelli forums asking about the M4 entrys and how to get one. Well, it finally arrived this summer, and its everything I hoped and it's been really enjoyable. So here is a photo and a thank you to those who helped me figure out how to make it happen. Thanks again, and happy shooting!
  5. Where can I get an additional stock 5 round M4 magazine tube including spring? Would this be something a Benelli dealer could get?
  6. Thanks again. I think 5 + 1 + 1 should be enough. Four rounds more then my dad's Serbu super-shorty! I typically don't keep a round chambered in my AR rifles because I feel it is unsafe; if the rifle were dropped I think it could go off. I do keep a round in all my hand guns because of the redundant safety's (Glock). Is the M4 safety "safe" enough to keep a round chambered?
  7. Would a Factory Benelli M4 2 shot magazine extension tube model # 81043P work with a 14" barrel, or would it stick out farther then the barrel?
  8. First of all, thanks for all of the great information HDRDKG! I always thought the M4 only held 4 + 1 shells, I never guessed you could fit 5 + 1 + 1 (2 3/4")! Yeah baby! Now to register it as an SBS and get that barrel hacked down to 14 inches and I'll be set. Since I can't post links yet, google "Benelli M4 short barreled shotgun" and click the first link. This guy is selling M4 entry's for $2,500 with a collapsible stock. Didn't think you could get these?
  9. I just finished reading in another thread about having the barrel cut down to 14 inches, so I think I will take that route. Another question: My M4 only holds 4 + 1 shells and I have heard of other M4's holding 5 + 1. How can I convert my M4 to hold 5 in the tube?
  10. I would like to convert my Benelli M4 to a SBS by adding an M4 entry - 14 inch barrel and mag tube (after ATF approval, of course). I already own a registered SBR, so I am familiar with the paperwork. Is this possible? Where could I get the parts? I would prefer to just order an M4 entry, but benelli will not sell these to civilians. However, there is a guy online that claims to sell these to civilians. He says he purchases the M4 entry's 50 at a time. The catch is that he requires a $500 down payment and there is a 6-8 month lead time. Any information is appreciated.
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