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  1. I also shoot 3 1/2 sheels all the time geese hunting!!!!! No problemo!!! DUCKY:D
  2. Wow, nice pictures, also your dog is beautiful!!! Decoys are also real looking!!! Ducky:D
  3. Thanks guys! I would defenatly would like more a SBEII thats for sure!! But my budget is not 2,000$ CAN. I do agree that my 870 is a Wingmaster and not the cheap version of Express Super Magnum of Remington. I also read that the newest Remington like the Super Magnum Express have alot more cheaper components? I would like more opinios please!!! Keep going lol Ducky
  4. Hey, I currently own a Remington 870 Wingmaster for probably 20 years. I did not have any problems or jammed with it, but it is only a 2 3/4 chamber and I hunt ducks and Canada goose so I now want to purchase a new 12 gauge with possibility of 3 1/2. So since I was with Remington for alot of years with no issues, I also have a 30-06 Remington 7600 pump and I love it, but I have now 2 choices and have difficulties of choosing between those 2, Remington 870 Super Magnum 3 1/2 Synthetic Black or Benelli Super Nova Symtetic Black or even Adv.Max-4. I have shot both of them and I re
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