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  1. Hello there. I'm not sure that I would take a trap gun out shooting pheasants- that is what they have the Montefeltro for. If you are concerned with high recoil, I would go ahead and buy a 20 instead of a 12. Also, as much as I love Benelli, I would suggest spending almost $800 less on a new 1100 12ga if you don't want to take the step down in size. But just to clarify, they make the 20 for all the applications that they use the 12 for, which should let you know that it is just as good of a gauge as the 12 is.
  2. I had that same problem with my Monte. Turns out the problem was not enough lube on the inside of the magazine. If you push the stopper part way down with your finger, spread a little lube in there and then load and unload the mag several times, it should work just like new. Chances are that your spring is not faulty, plus, I believe that the mag. tube is held with red lock-tight, which would require gun-smithing to fix problem.
  3. Well, ill presume that since there are over 60 views on this thread and no response yet that you guys have not changed your inertia springs (im not trying to be sarcastic or rude). I was presuming that most peope hadnt dealt with this since these guns are built to last, and therefore I didnt think that I would get a lot of responses. If anyone has though, go ahead and let me know if you would. There is still plenty of time to change it out before the season opener for pheasants here in Iowa.
  4. I have gone through roughly 3000 rounds in my Monte and I was interested to hear when the rest of you guys had changed your inertia springs. After how many rounds/number of years. My gun is over 20 years old and I purchased it 3 years ago. I'm not having any problems with anything, it works wonderfully, I was just pondering changing the spring. I figured with a price of $11.00 at Brownells I might just go ahead and do it before pheasant seasons starts this year. Have you noticed any changes after doing so, were you satisfied, that sort of stuff. Thanks.
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