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  1. Have you ever heard of the stoeger having this problem? I've missed some big opportunities at nice ducks and geese because of it. Does the super black eagle have any cycling problems like this??
  2. yes if it will stop my frustration. I tried to go the cheap route, but am willing to fork out the dough if needs be. I'm very frustrated and cant tell if its the model or just my individual gun or something im doing wrong.
  3. I bought a stoeger 2000 about a year ago and it seems the more i shoot it, the worse it gets. I clean it after every use too. About 30% of the time the action wont fully shut and the second shot wont fire. its seems especially so when shooting straight up at ducks flying right over me. The first shot always fires, and it ejects it fine, but when going for my second or 3rd shot, many times I just get a "click". Its like the action doesn't close all way. Many of my shells have a small dent in the primer too!!! but not deep enough like a normal shell that is fired. I think it might happen more
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