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  1. I needed to lower the POI on my new SBEII. Following posts in the forum I installed the C-shim, but I'm a little confused about how to install the retaining plate into the back end of the stock. Following the direction in the manual I put the C drop shim in with the C facing the stock, the DX cast shim with the DX facing the stock (right-handed gun), and the CDX retaining plate with the CDX facing the stock. This means that when I look at the butt-end, I read CSX on top end of the retaining plate. Is this correct, or should I be reading CDX on the top of the plate? Thanks in advanc
  2. I've looked into this gun before. It's actually a Franchi. I emailed Benelli CS and they confirmed that all manufacturing and parts are from Franchi. They said it is simply an I-12 modified to 3.5". It seemed like a nice gun, but look at the Franchi and immediately look at the SBE2 and you'll see a huge quality difference. Nicer price point than the SBE2, but there is good reason to pay more.
  3. I've hunted with a rem 870 super mag camo for the last four seasons. Generally I really like the gun and have killed a lot of birds with it. Patterns really nice. I had some rust issues as mentioned above on the mag tube cap and sling studs. No big deal, but I had to keep an eye on it. I also had problems with jamming in cold weather. Nothing worse than a jammed shell when a toll of geese are ten yards out. The 870 will continue to be my turkey gun, but I recently purchased an SBEII and find it to be much lighter and better balanced.
  4. I just purchased an SBE2 and pulled it apart for a cleaning last night. Once reassembled, I noticed that you can hear the inertia spring slide around in the bolt when the bolt is in the open position. Is this normal or did I mess up during reassembly? Assembly/disassembly seemed pretty straightforward, but I want to make sure before shooting it. Just paranoid I guess. Thanks in advance. This forum has been hugely helpful both during the decision to buy and for advice after purchase. Thanks to everyone for participating.
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