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  1. Hog, I'm a girl. It's never enough chocolate ice cream or guns, smile. I don't know what is up around here. It started with a freakish employee who was caught in my home doing all sorts of nasties and when he got fired he started stalking me...hence the Shutzhund dogs and barbed wire. Cops said get a gun and I thought "gosh barbed wire, dogs AND a gun seems pretty extreme" Who knew? Lunatics climbing down a 5 story wall midday?! Its an expensive neighborhood and I think people assume we all have more money than we do. I just cannot imagine any amount of money or jewelry being worth enough to risk getting eaten and shot. If anyone knows a place near Chicago that will let me target practice with an 18" shotgun, by all means let me know; it would be nice to play a bit before I ever need it to protect myself. I had so much fun gun shopping I bought my boyfriend a rifle (I think I felt badly since I suddenly owned 2 guns and he only owned 1) If this addiction keeps up I'll need a few more gun recommendations in a few months, huge smile.
  2. Thanks for everyone's thoughts! My bf bought for me a Nova 18" H2O which was easy to handle and happened to have been in stock at the store (otherwise the super would have come home) and when I touched the Cordoba it was love at first sight, (the outstanding price was pretty sweet too) so i impulsively bought that as well! Now I cannot wait to go out and practice.
  3. I have an alarm system (which I had foolishly off at the time) and 3 German Shepherds. 1 is a sissy and the other 2 are fairly well titled attack dogs, needless to say these guys didn't take anything as I caught them scaling a wall (5 stories high, they said they were window washers that accidentally came into my courtyard, the issue being there are no windows on that condo building and there was no reason to enter my home). Had the dogs and myself chase them out, the police where here in 3 minutes, though to late to catch them. I got overly protective of my girls (they are both pregnant) and my bf ripped me a new one for not having a gun at the ready in the house and sending the girls to attack (I kept them behind me protecting the puppies). Actually pretty much everyone ripped me a new one on those accounts. I saw them scaling the wall and entering the house, I was simply lucky that they did not have guns as my yelling is not that scary :-) So a friend is lending me a non-pregnant attack dog and I'll be buying both a shotgun and a rifle for my man (out of guilt). My camera system is down, so have that being repaired this weekend...gosh I sound insane...I live in a very posh section of town and its not uncommon that the homes here get targeted unnecessarily. I'd just rather shoot than deal with insurance. One would think the 3 signs that say "warning attack dogs on premises" and the constant barking at people at my door would scare off even the most adventurous. You cannot underestimate stupidity :-) Thanks for the suggestion on Sportsman's Warehouse I will google them.
  4. Hi I would very much value some input! I do not own anything as of yet, have been considering a shotgun for quite awhile now and Benelli is the #1 recommendation i keep getting. When I found two intruders in my home on Monday, I decided I should stop considering a shotgun and actually go buy one. My shortlist is: Supernova (price, after all an intruder doesn't care how much the gun costs and rave reviews), Ultralight (because I am 5'3" 130lbs) and the Cordoba (not that much heavier and damn what a pretty gun!) I figure if I go cheap the gun will just sit in the safe for a bad bad day as opposed to the other two that would push me to go shooting more often, I'd feel guilt buying such a pretty gun and never using it. I will not be shooting anything living (unless they are in my home), I fear recoil (which is one reason I chose Benelli to begin with), and once I leave Chicago (proper) I will probably start collecting so I wouldn't mind a gun that more or less holds its value. I also wouldn't mind a gun that my bf would not be embarrassed borrowing when he does go hunting (he is not a fan of shotguns). Any and all thoughts are appreciated!
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