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  1. If my memory works correst that scope has a 1" tube. i would look at the Leupold, Talley and Warne each company i've mentioned makes great mounts(steel etc.) pick your favorite from there. Lynn
  2. Hey, i am a former dealer, my info. shows a 10round magazines in .30-.06 & .308 only. i do have a 10rd for my .06, it makes the gun carry a little diff. but for stand hunting it is fine. Lynn **Actually a employee told me today i was still going to be a dealer.
  3. I have a R1 in .30-.06 and a .300 win mag i just bought. i have shot the .30-.06 a good bit, it is a fun rifle with good accuracy. i'm ready for the .300 to get here to see what it will do. Lynn
  4. Lyn-X

    R-1 300 win. Ammo

    Thanks for the reply's. Steve you have some incredible photo's! Thanks for posting so all can see. My R1 in .30-.06 digests the Winchester XP3 150gr. great. I just bought a R1 in .300 win off gunbroker and am excited on getting it set up. Thanks Lynn
  5. Anybody shooting a R-1 in .300 win. What hunting factory ammo are you shooting in 150 & 180 grain? what accuracy are you getting? Thanks Lynn
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