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  1. I live in a ban state and I'd like a pistol grip plus extended mag tube, so I've decided to convert my preban HK Benelli M3T rather than sell it for an M4. My M3T came without the locking mechanism on the rear sight so it's not useful as a folder, and the stock rattles when it's extended (tried but could not fix it). Even if I corrected those two problems, I'd rather have it with a conventional fixed pistol grip stock anyway. What do I need? I need the PG stock, I know that. I need a buffer tube too, right? Is there anything else I need? And does anyone know where I can find these t
  2. jrkarp

    M3 Help

    I just purchased one of the pre-ban M3 police trade in topfolders that CMMG is selling. These weapons had been converted by the police department to semi auto only. I ordered the part to convert it back to its original configuration. Tonight, I took the gun apart and installed the new selector. I thought I had done everything right, including winding the selector return spring back around the selector and everything else. Now, I can't get the gun to switch to semi-auto. It works as a pump (although the bolt does not come forward with the slide - is that normal?), but an attempt t
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