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  1. Thank you all for your feedback. My heart is set on the SBE 2 and I really haven't heard anything to sway my opinion. So that's what I'm going with. Thanks again for your help. Brandon
  2. I'm shopping for either a new Benelli M2 or SBE 2. I hunt mostly pheasant, but I do some waterfowl and turkey hunting. I've had my heart set on the SBE 2 for some time but was told I should go with the M2 if pheasant was going to be the primary use for the gun, as the only difference between the 2 was the SBE 2 held a 3 1/2 shell and was $200-$300 more. Also, I was considering the Franchi I-12 but was told to go with the Benelli. Anyone's insight and opinions would be greatly appreciated
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