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  1. i wont trust any semiauto shotgun with 3" magnums you could be a brain dead and fully drunk myopic redneck, and still rely on propper feed and function of a 870 Rem. pump 30% covered in rust and covered in cobwebs.....which was propped up in the bedrooom for 14 years without being touched.... not so an M2, M4, or other auto. If the M2 tactical was same price to COPS as the remington 870, WOULD THEY BUY THE M2 INSTEAD????????? logically, thats rather unlikely in most instances........... cops COULD be outfitted with full auto M16s, but due to legal reasons and others, theyre outfitted with semi AR15's. ..... I can see some cop in court being asked why he emptied 7 shells of 00BUCK into a scumbag......i.e. overkill. course we ALL KNOW how fun and quickly easy it is to empty an M2/M4
  2. 1000 rounds is nothing, you mental midget....drag your M4 thru the rain and mud and see how long you get with it. ******Id use my short-barreled AK-47 class-III full-auto to "come thru a door", not a shotgun!!.......which cycles faster????my classIII AK47, or your M4?????? idiot prick LOL id get off 20 shots before the M4 has cycled the 2nd round into the chamber!!!!!!!! LOL another idiot prick above says "get an M4, if you can afford it". LOL Ive got 137 guns between 2 safes, that i can AFFORD something, doesnt mean i WANT TO BUY IT. By the way, as im sure most of you know the benelli nova is a POS relative to a 870 Rem.......its a turd. Anyone here mention that "NOVA'' is Spanish for "it doesnt work/ run" !!!!!!!!! no - va (work, run , opperate) !!!!! LOL My M1Super90 tactical and my new M2 tactical are great guns,...as i said in the 1st post, im not trashing Benelli. I love my Benellis....In the house, id rather grab my M2 tactical OBVIOUSLY than a pump of ANY variety......
  3. there used to be several on this board i saw years ago, but those posts cant be found, theyve expired the ONLY reason the marines chose the M4, is to hang 20 pounds of crap off the gun, optics, etc....and a collapsable stock...........both reasons of which deny the M2 platform the selection.
  4. You MUST HAVE lost your frigging mind Remington 870 outnumber all benellis combined by a factor of 10,000 to 1 and OUTDATE (created) them 870 has, all combined together, countless Millions more hours in VERY ROUGH field testing over all benellis ever made combined........son i cant believe you said something that stupid.......!! M1Super90/M2 is a reliable gun, but thru the muck and mud nothing outlasts a Rem 870, not even close. heres $5, go buy a clue
  5. owned 2 tactical m1 super90, ordered another one (as an M2) everyone has one happy. the M4????? pictures of broken gas pistons all over the place..... not half as reliable, MORE expensive by a long shot. so, who the **** is buying them and why? the ignorant folks who havent read 100 pages on the net of people bitching about their M4 malfunctioning or the piston breaking.
  6. well, i used to own couple of tactical M1 Super90 now that benelli turned 'anti-gun' fascist and wont sell their +3 extention tubes to USA (except the cops), who makes the best tube for my benelli M2???? i know of "DAVES METAL WORKS" but any others that are better, etc etc etc................? any hints:D (please dont inform me about 922r compliance...ok, i know all about it)
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