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  1. I'll check in to it. My 12ga is Max4 and the 20ga is black both comfertec
  2. The stocks on my 12ga and 20ga Cordoba's are too long. The short pad might work on the 20ga but I think the 12 would kick too hard for it. I have a SBE II and the plastic stock and it is 1/2" shorter than the Cordoba's and with a Limbsaver pad it is perfect. Any Ideas on what to do. I don't want to dump Benelli but they will not work like they are. Thank you Dirtnap
  3. Do you have pictures? Is it new? I can't PM you don't have 15 posts yet,I am interested. DN
  4. I found a load that shot better but haven't had time to work with it much. Dirtnap
  5. Found a combo that it likes better got 1 1/2 group at 100yds with 150gr FB net will try 165s.It doesn't like the Hornady SST 150s. Any ideas how to improve the trigger? Thanks Dirtnap
  6. Thank you for the suggestion.I'll give it a try. Dirtnap
  7. 1 my 243 1/2" my 7mm-08 1/2 both bolt action 2 Fed 180,Win 150grPP,Rem 165 sp 3 Yes 4 yes 5 yes 6 no 7 no 8 1 1/2" to 2" 9 Hart front, bag rear 10 Not sure the thing don't kick that hard The rifle may be rolling in the rest on recoil I can see the impact in the scope on the 200yd berm. Thank you taking the time to try to help. I like the feel and the way the gun shoots but 4" and 5" groups at 100yds seems a bit much. My SBE II shotgun smooth bore will shoot this good. Just got to work it out. Dirtnap
  8. Went out tonight and shot the R1 from the bench. Tried 180s,165,150s, and I can shoot better groups with my SBE II at 100yds with punkin ball slugs. Anyone have any ideas to make this thing shoot? It has a 3.5x10 leupold on it in weaver rings on the factory base. It looked like the cross hairs were always on the target in the right place.Or am I expecting too much? I think 4" at 100yds is alittle much for a $1200.00 rifle. Thanks in advance Dirtnap
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