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  1. Yes, it does kick pretty good. My buddy and I snuck up on a huge roost. Waded through about 300 yards of stagnant canal water within 30 yards of the flock. Got ready, took out 6 more shells and laid them by the gun. Fired a total of 9 as fast as i could. My buddy got off 4 shots with 3 inchers. I had 3 1/2's. He shot 6 birds. I shot 17 snows. So yes my shoulder was raw. Especially since after i shot i noticed that during my creep through the canal i knocked off the recoil pad. Nothing but hard plastic against my shoulder. Fun
  2. LOL Well, i broke down the gun before the weekend and litterally took it completely apart. I scrubbed everything then oiled it, let it soak in. then wiped clean. 3 days straight and no jams. Used 3 1/2 and 3 inch shells. Worked perfectly. When i cleaned it, it looked as if some of the metal from the gun flaked off and got caught in the action. I talked to another owner as well as a gunsmith of one and they said theirs did the same thing. After a complete breakdown and cleaning, the gun works fine. I am guessing after shooting the larger stuff, extra metal from the gun can break off and get stuck. By the way yesterday, finally shot that greenhead ive been waiting 21 years to shoot! Im now extremely relieved i have a working gun.
  3. I have been hunting over 20 years. I have nearly every type of duck on my wall......except for the king greenie! Never shot a mallard drake in my life. I know, I know, how could that be. Dont ask. Been through, teal, wigeon, canvasbacks, you name it, its on the wall. Ok now back on topic. Ahhhh my 1500 dollar paperweight. Well I had a Browning BPS for 13 years. Finally, one day, two GREENHEADS came in, I shot the hen, pumped the gun and the forend came right off along with all my shells. Bye bye, drake. So what did i do. Probably the same thing every hunter does in that situation. I went out to buy the very best gun i could find. "The Benelli SBEII". The gun was great. Dove loads cycled like nothing. Then duck season starts. It didnt jam for teal season, fired 2 3/4 shells. Never a jam with dove loads either. But now came big duck season. So im out in the flooded grass. And we see a group of about 10 greenheads and 4 teal working. We call and they circle and circle and circle. Finally two come down with the teal, they commit, heck i see the orange feet and start to shake. I shoot the lead teal with my first shot, aim right at the cupped greenhead, and ...............nothing. I look down and ive got a wonderful spent hull sticking out of my gun. My buddy was so kind to shoot the greenhead though . Since that day, i have had problems all year long with shooting 3 and 3 1/2 shells. I have used everything from Federal to Winchester cheapo Xperts, to primo 35$ shells. I cant get it to stop jamming. Ive broken it down. Gun scrubbed the entire thing. Oiled it, not oiled it....still jamming. Im a lefty. I can't find another good autoloader in a left handed gun. I thought my problems were over when i found the SBEII. But unfortunately they seem to just be starting. So sad!!! After this season, im sending it back. If i can't get it fixed i dont know what ill have to do. I guess start shooting right handed. Oh fun! Well, the curse of the Greenhead still continues. What causes this???? Why do these guns seem to have this problem. With mine, obviously its not due to bad ammo. It happens with them all 3 inches or 3 1/2 inches. Its not due to being dirty either! Help!
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