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  1. I have hunted moose in Maine for several years now and have seen some fantastic 50-55 inch spreads and I have to say that is one awesome moose. I have just about given up with our lottery here in Maine, 18 years with out getting picked starts to dampen the hopes. With any luck, maybe next year...!
  2. What is your current load for your R1? What is your group?
  3. Actually, exactly, 270, .308 would be perfect. I have always thought the 308 was a perfect deer rifle, I occasionally hunt bigger game such as moose (hence the 300wm) and I like the flexibility of using the 300....but thought if I could get two barrels I could have the best of all/both worlds.
  4. Thank you. I have checked all my local dealers as well as the bigger stores, Cabelas, LL Bean...etc, with no luck. You would think Benelli would offer them through their own catalogs..
  5. Where would I find other barrel's for my Benelli R1. I currently have a 300 win mag and would like to maybe get something a bit smaller. How much do they cost??
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