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  1. Went and saw the gun. Except for a ding in the stock, 99% metal and wood. If it was shot, it was well taken care of. But it was an SBE and it has the older ejector. The guy wants $700 for it. Gotta give it some thought.
  2. Almost 2 years after I started this thread I am happy to report that my LH SBE II has killed it share of brant, ducks and deer. The camo is a bit dinged and it has gotten dirty out in the tidal marshes and fields and it is the best, most reliable shotgun I have ever owned. Glad I didn't take the advice to "go get a Mossberg at Dick's"!
  3. Hi: Looking at a SBE I in wood this afternoon. It is supposed to be in almost new condition. I have a SBE II. Can anyone tell what the difference is and what kind of price I should expect to pay? Went on Gunbroker and can't really get a handle on it.
  4. 135 lb doe. We were driving a field and she cam right to me. Just got the meat, nice steaks and sausage.
  5. One shot, head on with Rem 00, 3 1/2". I have only hunted ducks, this was a first.
  6. I have a new SBE with a Carlson ported turkey choke. Going out tomorrow to pick up loads to try with it. Anyone with experience with this choke, suggested loads?
  7. I appreciate the followup on my original post. Actually the gun really was dinged and I figure when you are paying as much as you do for a SBE, it should be pretty close to perfect. If I mess it up, it is my responsibility. Anyway, I returned it, Cabelas had another in stock. They assembled it there, I looked it over and I brought it home. I am delighted. I got the gun I am going to use for many years and I got the best.
  8. Has anyone else been disappointed with a new Super Black Eagle just out of the box? I saved, ordered and bought a left handed SBE II last week at Cabelas. Brought it home and started to assemble it out of the box. The forearm was so tight, I could could not get off the magazine tube. I was able to put the barrel on by sliding it all the way forward but when I tried to seat the barrel against the top of the receiver, there was an 1/8" gap that wouldn't close. On top of this the receiver was dinged through the Camo to the metal on two small spots on the side of the receiver. The gun is goin
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