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  1. Couple pic's from the Buckeye State
  2. See as of right now the original gel pad supplied(14-3/8) seem's to be to large for me. I am in the process of ordering the 14 right now. Last season my pad had fallen off during a duck hunt and I lost it. Since I had to order a new one and we were going to be duckin the next couple days I bought a limbsaver slip on pad which was much shorter the then supplied gel pad that came with the gun. Anyway's I did'nt think about it till now but I shot alot better having the shorter libsaver pad on. Would this make any sense? And also last night I was playing once again with my shim's and I had the most aggresice shim© in the gun that would give the stock the most drop. After mounting and mounting the gun I realized I have to atually pick my head up more to even see the rib which I am guessing could also cause we to shoot even higher. What do you guy's think?
  3. tucker, I think you hit it on the head. The Italian gun's are made that way. I spoke with someone from Benelli and they told me Benelli's are set up to shoot 60/40. You should be able to see the target completly when shooting. I have had my gun for 2 season's now and have missed more bird's then ever. Very hard switching from an 1187 to this gun. It is a way of shooting I have tried to get used to but still having a hard time getting it down.
  4. I have got used to mine. Doesnt bother me when I am shooting at game though.
  5. Honkers, it's pretty high! About 8-10 inches higher then my Remington. All standard crio-chokes, improved cylinder, modified both shot high! The 25-30 yard range is what I am patterning at. Shooting all different steel. Mostly Federal's Ultra-Shock #4's,2's,BB's. And yes I have already shimmed it. Still shoot's high. I may end up taking it to a gunsmith. Thank's for the info. BoJack, go away
  6. My SBEII shoot's too high for me. I have adjusted the shim's provided by Benelli, tried a different larger front bead and still the gun shoot's high. I know alot of you guy's will say that is what you want and that it what it's supposed to do, but it's just not working for me. I have shot Remington my whole life and it's very very hard for me now tryin to get used to aiming at the tail of a duck as he is cupping in, instead of putting the bead on his bill and shooting! I have talked with Briley and I may have to send my barrel to them so they can make some eccentric choke tubes for me which will change my point of impact. Please let me know if any of you guy's have had this issue or how you may have dealt with it. Thank's! DuckBoss
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