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  1. I've shot about three or four boxes of slugs through mine. No problems.
  2. I appreciate the compliment, makes a decent band-aid for the ego.
  3. Dude I'm so jealous I could spit! No, it wasn't mine he was working on, he did tell me they would be tooled up for working on Benelli's for a bit as they had a couple of them to do, so i better hurry up (I'm paraphrasing). I just got back from a funeral in East Texas, Cajun Country. I've never heard "Amazing Grace" in Cajun before. 4 hour drive from Austin, however I brought up King Armory while we were getting a hotel room, and she said "whatever you want, sweety." Now I have to knock out some "responsible" expenditures before I can justify spending that kind of money on the gun this soon after the magazine extension, follower, and mag/barrel clamp. Dang 'sponserbilities.
  4. That's true tucker, and I suppose if I were to be honest with myself there was a little "huh?" emoticon waayyyy back in my head scratching his little noggin. But I guess with both doubting my own cognitive skills (or deferring to someone else's judgment because "What do I know?" or "They do this for a living.") and the fact that I wanted that one to fit, I just deleted the head-scratchin' icon and ignored the question. Won't do that again, intentionally.
  5. Yeah Duvall, I read on another forum how someone attached one to their barrel and one would really have to know what they were doing. That's why I'm going to be sending my barrel in to King Armory, if I end up going route. When does the spending stop?
  6. No you didn't, I'm still disappointed. Thanks for trying.
  7. Yeah, I was feeling kinda agitated about it all yesterday and got my Grrr up. Now I'm better, and thanks for being able to point that out to me. I didn't just buy the wrong product, as I called Tim at Nordic Components and we discussed this very thing. I told him what I had, exactly, and he said that this particular Mag Extension would fit my SuperNova. I asked him if he was sure it would fit, he asked me how long was my barrel, I told him 18.5", and he said that he had to ask in order to make sure I was getting the correct length, and that Yes, the +3 is exactly what I needed. So I felt assured that it was going to "fit". What I didn't take into account was our definitions of "fit" were different. I meant "would it attach and be flush with the end of the barrel", whereas he evidently was concerned with the thread of the barrel nut matching up with the thread on the Mag tube. Like you said, live and learn.
  8. Thanks Lou, I'll look into those, thanks again!
  9. Also called Nordic Components today and told them about purchasing their product from Cactus Tactical. I asked them if they make a +2 Mag Extension and YES, they do. So now I have to decide if I want to send my barrel to King Armory or sell the extension that I have and buy the one that fits my gun as it is now. Which ever way I decide to go, I think I'm done with Cactus Tactical. The mystery guy stopped just short of calling me a liar when I told him that it was too long, and telling me that Nordic Components doesn't make smaller extensions when it turns out that they do indeed make them. The more I think about the way he wanted to get off of the phone makes the decision to dump them easier and easier. Grr.
  10. Thanks Lou, but I have the SuperNova Tactical, not an M4, so I don't think it'd fit.
  11. and told the mysterious guy (he wouldn't give me his name) about my situation, and he didn't believe me. I had to take a picture and prove to the guy that 2 inches too long. I don't know how I feel about that yet. and a close up of it, just in case they can't see what I'm talking about, although I'll just leave it a link, it's rather large. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v489/SiNNiK/closeup.jpg
  12. I'm new here also, but which one were you interested in?
  13. SiNNiK

    Light setup

    Scope rings, could you tell me how you attached all that together? I may have to experiment too.
  14. You betcha. I measured the discrepancy and it's a full two inches! I wonder if I could go with a muzzle brake that's not permanently attached? Or if I should go all out and contact King Armory about this piece of art.
  15. Yeah, well, I'm a brandwhore. Someone else on a different shotgun board recommended that I take this opportunity to get a breaching device on the end of my barrel to even things up. Swell idea huh?
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