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  1. I am aiming at the head. I am use to this aiming based on other guns I use such as the benelli M-1 and would like to be consistent. Thanks for the input. It makes good sense.
  2. I have the same problem with my new SBE, 12 ga, 24" barrell. It shoots very high with their full choke and turkey loads. I tryed the c shim also and it did not improve it much, if any. I am accustomed to putting the bead on the center of my target with my other M1 benelli. I would like to hear more from your experiment or any other folks that might be able to help out.
  3. I have not tested it with all the chokes but is shooting very high with the full choke and using turkey loads. I want to bring the POI down , not up. I do not do trap. Thanks for your input.
  4. I recently bought a new SBE II , 12 ga, with 24" barrell and had shot it a few times at quail using IC choke and did not seem to hit very good but never patterned it. Then, as turkey season was to start I started patterning it with their full choke tube. I was amazed when I was hardly on the turkey poster . All of my hits were very high , most off the paper , all at about 35 yards. I used 3 different kind of winchester shells( all # 5's) including 3" magnum lead, 3" supreme extended range, and 3 1/2 " supreme elite extended range. The first thing I did was put in the C shim to increase the dro
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