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  1. kc01

    M4 mag tubes

    I agree with the Numrich tube. Perfect match w/ fatory finish and runs like a champ. Be sure to get an extended spring for the tube or your last shell or two will hang every time.
  2. I just installed a Specter CQB sling on my M4. Good support for a heavily loaded out M4. Quick target acquisition. Perfect fit and looks great in OD. Also got a Specter buttstock shell holder in OD as well, and they look like they were made for each other as they interconnect. I would say 10/10.
  3. Installed Numrich full length replacement tube today and tested - ran like a champ with 3" magnum buck. Excellent finish match to original barrel too. I would highly recommend it. Thanks for the help.
  4. kc01

    M4 Won't Feed

    Just installed my new full length tube and tried the factory spring as advised in this forum and had exact same problem. I replaced the spring with the longer one that came with the tube and problem solved.
  5. Thanks guys - I'll give it a try. Sure hope that Numrich tube is good. The only ones I hear comments about is DMW's product.
  6. New to the forum and I had 2 questions: 1. I ordered the 6 shot mag tube from Numrich and I was wondering about the success or problems others have encountered with this particular tube 2. I understand that a heat gun is necessary to remove the factory tube. Any success stories or bad experiences with this (finish damage, etc.)? Any tips or comments would be appreciated. Thanks
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