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  1. Very positive for Antoine/seller he was very courteous he answered phone every time I called no matter what time and was helpful. He was very fast I paid on Saturday and had the stock to me on Monday. Very good seller and would highly recommend and would do business again Thanks Antoine
  2. Thank you for the pic could not find one anywhere. One more question do you need a new after market spring? or does the OEM work fine
  3. Thanks for the reply I just thought the OEM would be factory color and easy to put on. They are about $200 now still too much but factory. I like the full-length tube and may get one but wanted to see a pic of factory first. Also what tubes finish matches best? Thanks
  4. Anyone have a pic of the Benelli +2 mag extention on the M4? Does it match and or look good? Thanks
  5. Can you buy a M4 Skeletonized Stock for the M4. I know I have seen them for sale for like $600 on here, but you one just order one? If not where can I get if I can still but one. Are they legal if you don't put the long tube on the gun? Thanks for any info
  6. Thanks for the reply
  7. sicily187

    M4 question

    Hi I just bought a new M4 and I have two questions What comes in the box with the gun? Do you get a choke wrench? I went to a good gun shop and I know you have to assemble the gun when you take it out of the box so maybe they left it out not sure. Hate go there and say you lost the wrench when it does not come with the gun. I did get the manual. Next question are collapsible stock legal to put on now? And is Benelli sellingM4s with the collapsible stock to the public and they are just hard to get? Tried reading all the posts but most people want to put on the tube and stock, which may
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