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  1. Consider yourself lucky. I've been waiting 5 weeks just to get the order placed for my Super Nova Tactical. I'm going through Dick's Sporting Goods because I have a couple of gift certificates I'd like to use for this purchase, but I keep getting told that this model (SNT with ghost ring sights) is on back order. At least you have your gun.
  2. Thanks XTheOwl. I appreciate you sharing this information.
  3. How much did the mag extension cost direct from Nordic? Was it $80? Also, if I'm reading this correctly, the +2 extension gives you room for 3 additional 2 3/4" shells? Correct?
  4. Thanks for the responses so far. I think LouDiamond is probably right in that it's what you train and feel comfortable with. However, if I ever wanted to sell a shotgun with a PG, I imagine my prospective buyers would be fewer if I were trying to sell a PG stock as opposed to a "conventional" stock. If for no other reason than perception. Also, from what I've read on this forum, it's more difficult to clean the Supernova with PG because you have to remove (or loosen) the PG stock to clean the trigger assembly. The Comfortech stock does not require this operation. Is this really a big issu
  5. I read somewhere that most shot gun owners don't like using a pistol grip. Why?
  6. Thanks for the comments ahazen001. I have gone back and forth on this one. I wish I had the opportunity to try each stock before I make my purchase, but that doesn't seem possible. Do you find it easier to hold the SN steady with the pistol grip as compared to the Comfortech? Also, if you only use 2 3/4 rounds, can you still tell a big difference in the recoil or not? I probably will not use 3 1/2 rounds even for home defense.
  7. I'm looking to purchase my first shotgun and have decided on the Supernova Tactical since my primary objective is for home defense and I've read a lot of good things about this particular model. My question is; should I opt for the pistol grip or the comfortech stock? I shot a fellow co-worker's shotguns over the weekend with and without a pistol grip and kind of liked the pistol grip design. However, added comfort is always a good thing. Maybe I should go with the pistol grip and put a gel pad on it. What do you guys think?
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