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  1. lucky_bully

    m4 issue

    thanks tactical:) this is what i did:)...what a great gun this m4 is...i love it bye tommy
  2. lucky_bully

    m4 issue

    hi guys, can someone help me with my problem?I disasambled my m4 autoloader and accidently pulled the trigger.The boltcarrier was already removed.Now i am scared i may damaged something.For example 1911´s dont like it to be dryfired with removed slides. Is it possible i damaged something or is the m4 so rugged i may do it more often:D thanks tommy
  3. shiat...but thanks for your help!!!!!
  4. hi do you mean this stock (picture)? i compared these two and it seems that the m4 super 90 has some skeletonized ,compared to this one... Could you send me some link?to the manual and the canadian seller??? i must find out if i can put the m4 skel. stock on the supernova...if the pipe´s diameter and lengt are the same... if anyone could help i would be lucky:-) sorry i cant post the picture...owl check pm!
  5. hey guys, does anybody know if the m4 telescopic stock may fit the supernova???i read the supernova has some modular stock system where you can choose one of three stocks...normal,pistol grip and telescopic with pistol grip... I thought it may be the same as on the m4, but the m4 has a skeletonized one... My question is:is it possible to use the m4 skel. stock on the supernova??? It looks they use the same pistol-grip stocks...so what do you think??does anybody know??? thanks tommy
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