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  1. Is the action to the gun really that sensitive to not engaging the chamber or becoming disengaged? I find this very disheartning at this point. That coupled with the fact that it has a name (the "Benelli Click"). You are probably right in regard to how each of these instances occurred. The first "click" was a result of me easing a round in as I had actually driven up in my vehicle to within 100yards of the turkey. The second encounter I was crawling and bumping around on the ground getting into position. And finally, I have always had a habit of easing the bolt closed when loading my firearm. Is there any way I can engage the bolt to the round and chamber from the closed position?
  2. I pulled the trigger this morning on two different turkeys this morning, the first turkeys I have EVER pulled the trigger on, and both times my SBEII went "click"... Needless to say, I am furious at the moment, but I thought I would drop by here to get your thoughts on what the problem may be, me or the gun. So let me go down the history I have had with this gun. Bought my SBEII in October 2007 on recommendations from several fellow hunters and a little reserach. Have traditionally shot Browning A-5's, but wanted to treat myself with a new gun for my new job. The first day I took it out, I put loaded it up, aimed and squeezed the trigger. "Click." Reviewed the loading directions and discovered I really had bought a different weapon than I was used to. Shot 15 3.5" buckshot rounds after that without trouble. Cleaned gun per instructions. Deer season comes around, and load it as I did on previous encounter. Doe waners by, put the bead on her and "click", off she goes. Go through exact same motions a week later, two does go down at the same time. Cleaned gun at end of season (Jan). Go shooting at trap range in Feb., no jams or misfires. Clean gun. Now, I'm out today, and two separate chances happen for a shot (~10 yrds) for my first ever turkey, and two separate "clicks." On each instance, I felt a jerk of the gun forward, like the action wasn't quite closed, even though I had specifically checked to see that it was completely closed. I checked to shell on the first to see if there was a dimple on the primer, it hadn't been touched. On the second encounter, the trigger pull was accompanied with a shell ejecting from the magazine waiting to be lifted. I cycled the action and chambered the round(I was well hidden behind a big tree and was able to lean over where he didn't see my movement), was actually able to put the bead on the turkey again (NO IDEA why he didn't take off at that point) only to be followed by another heartbreaking "Click". At this point, they were running off, I cleared the chamber, bolt locked open (only two shells in the gun for me when I hunt turkey), grabbed one of the shells from the ground, got it in the chamber, pushed the release button and took a 50 yard anger shot through the timber. Other issues I have had are the cartridge carrier hanging up in the breech holding the bolt back, difficulty loading 3.5" shells into the magazine and I can't get the dang bolt handle out of the breech bolt. OK, now after a couple of evening adult beverages and taking time to think about what's been going on, I took some time to cruise this forum. I really believe that there is something wrong with the gun, but wanted to get the thoughts of the folks here (and possibly some sympathy) before lighting a fire under Benelli. Is it me, the gun, or a combination of both? Sorry for being so long with this, but I really want this gun to work for me and am just very frustrated at the moment. I lay myself at your mercy...
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