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  1. Is the action to the gun really that sensitive to not engaging the chamber or becoming disengaged? I find this very disheartning at this point. That coupled with the fact that it has a name (the "Benelli Click"). You are probably right in regard to how each of these instances occurred. The first "click" was a result of me easing a round in as I had actually driven up in my vehicle to within 100yards of the turkey. The second encounter I was crawling and bumping around on the ground getting into position. And finally, I have always had a habit of easing the bolt closed when loading my
  2. I pulled the trigger this morning on two different turkeys this morning, the first turkeys I have EVER pulled the trigger on, and both times my SBEII went "click"... Needless to say, I am furious at the moment, but I thought I would drop by here to get your thoughts on what the problem may be, me or the gun. So let me go down the history I have had with this gun. Bought my SBEII in October 2007 on recommendations from several fellow hunters and a little reserach. Have traditionally shot Browning A-5's, but wanted to treat myself with a new gun for my new job. The first day I took it
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